Monday, 9 January 2012

First Post and Bargain Buys!

Hello and welcome to my blog, Strawberry Lace, where I will mostly be chatting about fashion and baking (a new favourite hobby of mine!). My first post is mainly about what I've grabbed in the January sales, so here goes!

Today, me and the other half hit the town to go sales shopping and I found a gorgeous kimono-style top in Primark: 

Shorts & Boots: River Island   Headband & Necklace: Primark  Watch: Amazon

I can't wait to wear this out, hopefully I'll be able to wear it this week if we go out for a meal. I bought a similar navy blue kimono top as I couldn't decide between them, but at a fiver each you can't go wrong really! Also picked up these cute pumps in Office:

Again, another absolute bargain at only £4 and they'll be great for when the weather gets a little less wet.

Well that's what I bought today, what have you guys been buying in the sales?

Much love,



  1. omg, want your boots! great look... :) very stylish. all the best on your new blog. cheers from usa, and now following. :)


  2. Got the same cape and had no idea of how to style it.